Eddy Puyol knows how to have a “Good Time”

Eddy Puyol’s “Good Time” is an urban pop record with funk soul DNA. It gives roller skate vibes with a positive message and modern sensibilities sure to please fans from Kool & The Gang to Drake to Lecrae.

The radio edit version is sure to set the party off right and keep the inspiration of the record the same.

“The original version started with the last voicemail my Abuela ever sent me,” Puyol said. “She knew how to have a good time so her spirit definitely still lives on with the radio edit.”

Puyol and Hemann took inspiration for the track from his catalogue. Here the duo sampled “Beautiful / Be With You” – a song from the artist’s FKA Rawsrvnt crate.

“When the idea hit me to speed up the record I thought it was so cool,” Puyol said. “Then I brought it to Chuck who started building on the idea. It got really cool when a long-time musician friend of mine, Phillip M. Dukes, came into the studio while we were working on it. He started nodding to the beat and then free styling these riffs that had my jaw on the floor. The rest is history!”

“Good Time” (Radio Edit) is now available on your favorite digital service provider platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, etc.) and Eddy Puyol social media sites. Check out the original version on Puyol’s latest album Nothing Changed But My Stage Name.


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