Behind the Music: Puyol shares a Song-by-Song breakdown of his new Nothing Changed But My Stage Name album

Trust God

From the moment the beat drops with that chopped-and-screwed sample – you know it’s on!

For “Trust God,” Eddy Puyol resurrects key parts of his “Walk With God” verse for a message he’s shared throughout a two decade-plus music career.

The artist truly believes the key to anyone’s faith walk is trust. (See also 2013’s “Father I Trust Ya” with Sara Delight.)

“Once you really believe God is who He says He is and will do what He says He’s going to do, that’s when everything begins to fall into place,” Puyol said.

“Trust God” features a lilting piano sample introduction to a menacing, slowed down drum pattern with matching, stutter-step raps. Those rhymes soon speed up and lead to a melodic, worshipful outro his longtime producing partner Chuck Hemann described as “a gang full of monks riding in a Cadillac.”

The track takes listeners on a journey and advises them of the most secure place to deposit a hopeful heart.

Bang Bang Baby

In 2001, Jay-Z famously dissed NaS by rapping, “So, yeah I sampled your voice, you was usin’ it wrong / You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song.”

Decades later, Eddy Puyol is using the same Blueprint for “Bang Bang Baby” – but in a twist, he’s the author of both the hot line and hot song.

Puyol produced the bouncy track with help from longtime collaborator Chuck Hemman and its hook pulls from the artist’s career-reflecting single “This One’s For You.”

“That phrase (‘Bang bang baby’) has been a thing in my household for a while,” Puyol said. “A few months back I was watching football and it just sort of popped out of my mouth after a key play. My wife noticed how catchy it was and then the creative juices started flowing to make it into the hook of a new song.”

The end result is a funky, Summertime-sque song that showcases Puyol’s ability to rap double time with playful rhymes designed to motivate everyone from athletes to academics to anime-loving adults.

“I don’t often rap that fast, but wanted to challenge myself to do something different,” Puyol said. “I believe listeners will be happy with the results.”

And as always, Puyol incorporates his love for high-level sports with a nod to the iconic SportsCenter theme.

Club Five Twelve

Eddy Puyol’s “Club Five Twelve” is the worship bop you didn’t know you needed.

Initially, the song may feel like a bit of a detour from the majority of his catalog, but it actually echoes the artist’s past success in the dance music arena.

His “I Gotta Feeling/Take It All” mashup found its way into both weddings and Chris Tomlin tour sets and “Club Five Twelve” offers listeners yet another way to express the joy found in a life following Christ.

The song pairs an ultra-catchy chorus with a sparkling, Euro-dance-pop beat and takes its title from 1 John 5:12 – a Bible verse written on one of the support beams of a client’s home built by Puyol Enterprise (his family’s business).

“This is quite literally a house record,” Puyol joked.

Since his recent marriage, the artist says his creative juices have been flowing at a new speed. Puyol co-produced “Club Five Twelve” by providing longtime collaborator Chuck Hemann with an audio sketch created in his DJ software program.

“We just took it from there and created a life-affirming song that will appeal to just about everyone,” Puyol said. “It’s currently my kids’ favorite.”

Like a Cadillac

Eddy Puyol’s “Like a Cadillac” sounds like what you’d hear if the Isley Brothers and UGK got together to do a record with the vibe of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day.”

The song samples the artist’s previous work (“Flossin’ Him”) and its smooth groove, memorable melody, steady beat are tailor-made for a late afternoon drive with the windows down and a cotton candy sunset in your rearview mirror.

“I’ve always loved ‘Flossin’ Him’, but this one has all the feels I dig. I came up with the line of the first verse taking my kids to school one day as that’s been our family verse for years,” Puyol said. “I start the second verse with a tagline I say often when talking to people. This is life music at its finest.”

Good Time

Eddy Puyol’s “Good Time” is an urban pop record with funk soul DNA. It gives roller skate vibes with a positive message and modern sensibilities sure to please fans from Kool & The Gang to Drake to Lecrae.

The song starts with the last voicemail his grandmother ever sent him. And then in his opening verse he mentions her famous tagline “Family’s the main thing.”

“My Abuela knew how to have a good time so I was definitely inspired when we put her on the song to create a party anthem,” Puyol said.

Puyol and Hemann took inspiration for the track from his catalogue. Here the duo sampled “Beautiful / Be With You” – a song from the artist’s FKA Rawsrvnt crate.

“When the idea hit me to speed up the record I thought it was so cool,” Puyol said. “Then I brought it to Chuck who started building on the idea. It got really cool when a long-time musician friend of mine, Phillip M. Dukes, came into the studio while we were working on it. He started nodding to the beat and then free styling these riffs that had my jaw on the floor. The rest is history!”

Everything I Got

Eddy Puyol’s “Everything I Got” is a cross between Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” and Sean Paul’s “I’m Still in Love with You.” From the horns to the background vocals to the authentic reggae vibe, it just feels right.

“I started saying this often to my kids,” Puyol said. “So one day I thought about putting this love message to music.”

Puyol’s been inspired by his kids before as evidenced in “Forever Love” – a track that landed on Pandora’s “Dad Songs for Sons and Daughters” playlist.

You Gotta Vibe

True fans of Eddy Puyol know his musical catalog is not only filled with faith-fueled anthems, but songs that celebrate love between men and women.

“You Gotta Vibe” is his latest addition to the genre and one that commemorates the first year of marriage to Corinne Puyol. The track offers listeners a smooth R&B-styled “date night” feel that reflects the profound appreciation he has for his partner.

“I’m in a super happy place in my life right now and deeply in love with my wife. So it’s like the Bible says – ‘the mouth speaks what the heart is full of,’” Puyol said. “I love that I can use my art to show that to her and listeners can do the same with the ones they love.”

The song’s official visual incorporates a video travelogue from the Puyol’s honeymoon trip to Santorini, Greece as well as a romantic dinner the couple held in the same location where they exchanged vows.

“This is definitely the type of ‘grown and sexy’ music needed in today’s artistic landscape,” Puyol said.


Like any good artist, Eddy Puyol has used song writing to document his life and process the emotions associated with each era.

Throughout his catalog you’ll hear help and hurt alongside praise and pain, but here Puyol takes a mature and celebratory tone to thank the Creator for his “Blessings.”

“I’ve survived enough seasons to know that life can be really hard at times, but I’m also a living witness that my God can help you bounce back,” Puyol said. “That is the type of message I want to hear in the music I listen to and hope others feel the same.”

Puyol begins this track by singing “I can’t deny it…” and then sharing the passion behind his prose.

All of the blessings coming right now,
From the top down on me,
I see what was meant to hurt and harm me,
God turned and flipped for my good

Later, he even thanks the Lord for good work that keeps “my hands and my plate full” and can prayerfully build generational wealth for “my kids’ kids and kids’ kids.”

An interesting side note is that the cover art for the single release of “Blessings” celebrates past God-gifts like the time he was the only rapper on The Story Tour and when he opened doors for other emcees on CCM-driven traveling showcases by writing the first theme song for Winter Jam.

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